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Our team is ready to provide you all the necessary information about the village, the restaurants, the bus timetables and anything else you may need. From the very first day we will show you around the area by giving you a small tour. In case you need help with your holiday plans, we can check the map together and show you the points of interest. Also, we can assist you, with additional services such as renting a car or taking part in an excursion. Let us know your needs and we will take care of the rest.

Reception hours: 08.00-23.00

Breakfast time

As you wake up, get ready to start your day with energy and healthy calories. Every morning, our team prepares your breakfast with love. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, Greek yogurt with honey and tasteful coffee are available every day in our buffet. There, you can taste handmade jams with traditional bread, homemade cakes and Cretan pies made with local olive oil. Also, you can combine your mountain tea with freshly cut lemons directly from our lemon tree in the garden. Taste our fresh local products and the many different recipes and connect to Cretan culture.

Breakfast time 08.30-10.30


After a long day wandering around, you can spend your evening in our beautiful garden and relax with the colors of nature. You can read a book with a glass of wine and let your mind travel. Also you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning and sense the smell of the lemon tree. You are always welcome to different events that take place there, such as cocktail or barbeque nights. We’ll be happy to bring our cultures together.


A small shop is available in our hotel ready to satisfy your needs. You can find all kind of summer equipment like pestemal towels and bags or anything else necessary for your holidays. If you would like to share something special with your friends, our shop offers a wide choice of traditional local products such as honey, olive oil, tea and spices. We have also a variety of handmade Greek souvenirs you can bring back home, reminding you your favorite moments on this island.

Shop hours: 09.00-22.00


Taste a local drink from our bar and enjoy the moment with your friends. We serve all kind of beverages, drinks and snacks, indoor or in the garden. You can also use the room service and order from the menu in your room, and we’ll be more than happy to serve you. Do not forget to try some local products and of course the Cretan tsikoudia, widely known as Raki.

Bar hours: 08.00-23.00

Library & board games

In our facilities there is a library with an interesting collection of different types of books in many languages. You can have a look and borrow some of them during your stay. A good book is always a nice company for your holidays to relax with. Also, you can find various types of board games, cards and chess. For anything else you may need you can always refer to the reception.

Rent a car/e-bike

A car or even an e-bike is always a good choice for visiting the areas around. We are at your disposal to help you find the right option and make a secure, full-insurance reservation. Also, you can rent a bike for your short routes in Agia Galini or the near mountains. Our hotel is bike friendly and can provide you with all the necessities. Inform us at the reception and we will arrange everything.